Why the Financialization of America is a Problem

The financialization of the US economy is not just bad for the rest of the country.

It is bad for US national security.

Financialization and financialization have come to define US foreign policy, the economic growth of the world and global trade.

Financialized markets have brought the United States and the rest the kind of economic growth and prosperity that it could not achieve without the economic dynamism and technological innovation of the industrial revolution.

As the economy is increasingly dominated by financial institutions and financial technology, the US military is now heavily dependent on financial support.

That is bad.

But, it is not the only reason for the financialization.

There is another. 

The economic growth created by the financial revolution has created an economic crisis that is destroying the United Nations and destabilizing the global economy.

The crisis is so great that the US and the world are losing control of their own destiny.

The financial crisis of 2008 is not only the fault of the American financial system.

It has caused the collapse of the United Kingdom, the collapse and destabilization of Japan, the decline of Germany, the loss of France, the financial collapse of Greece, the meltdown of Spain, the weakening of Russia, the deterioration of the European Union, and the rise of China.

Financial collapse is a symptom of an underlying economic crisis.

Its cause is economic, political, and technological.

The Financialization Of The US Economy The financial revolution in the United State and in the world has been a major driver of the economic, geopolitical, and social developments of the last decade. 

In the twenty-first century, the growth of financialization and the financialisation of the global financial system have created a global financial crisis. 

Financialization has led to the creation of global financial centers that are now concentrated in the Americas and Asia.

These centers are increasingly controlled by the super-rich and by global financial corporations.

Financial centers are the creation and expansion of a network of financial institutions that is now in place to provide finance for everything from the extraction of oil and gas from shale deposits to the construction of new financial centers.

Financializing has made global financialization possible.

Financial center formation and expansion have led to a financialization that is undermining the international order and creating a financial crisis that has caused a worldwide economic crisis, the biggest since the Great Depression. 

A Financialization Crisis And the End Of The Global Order The financialized financial system is creating a global economic crisis for the United Nation, the United World, and all of humanity. 

As the financial center formation in the American economy has increased, so has the financial crisis it has caused in the rest a number of countries around the world. 

Since the early 2000s, the world economy has been rapidly growing and growing rapidly.

The growth of global economic activity has reached its peak in the mid-2000s and has continued to grow rapidly.

This global economic growth has created a tremendous economic expansion.

The world economy now has the world’s largest economy, the largest population, the most sophisticated economy, and is the largest economy in the history of the planet.

It was never meant to be this way.

The Global Financial Crisis The Global financial system that has grown to be the largest in history has created the largest financial center in the entire world.

It’s called the World Trade Center. 

This financial center was designed to create the world as a financial system in which all the financial assets of the major financial centers of the earth would be linked together.

It would be an infrastructure for global financial transactions that would allow all the countries of the Earth to transact with each other.

It became this infrastructure because of the enormous wealth that flowed from the financial centers worldwide.

The World Trade Centers Financial Center was designed so that the United Arab Emirates, the City of London, and other financial centers could transact with the United Sates Treasury Department. 

After the crash of the World Economy, the World Financial Center that was designed for global finance was built in the form of a financial center that was a giant warehouse for the largest economies of the globe.

The International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others all worked on this financial center to make sure that the world was safe from the worst of the financial chaos that was now engulfing the world economically. 

There was a big financial center at the World Heritage Site of the WTC. 

One of the largest banks in the World, Deutsche Bank, was built at the site of the massive World Trade center. 

Other financial centers, like the London Stock Exchange, the British Bank of England, and many other financial institutions were built at this World Trade area. 

Because of the sheer size of the international financial centers and because of their immense financial powers, the global system of financial centers has been the primary driver of economic and geopolitical growth.

This economic and financial growth has brought the world into a global system that is controlled by global banks and financial companies. 

At this time, there is no single global economic system. There are

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