Sheffield: $1bn investment by ‘Big 4’ will boost local economy

Sheffield, UK – A “big four” of Sheffield’s financial advisors have agreed to invest up to $1 billion into the local economy and help improve social mobility.

The Sheffield Finance Association (SFA) and Sheffield City Council have announced that they have agreed a deal worth $1.1 billion, which will see the firms invest up the next three years.

“We’ve made significant progress and now we need to build on it to deliver further improvements to the local community and society, including by investing in new technology that will create jobs and economic growth,” said Chief Executive Officer of the SFA, Professor Robert Wilson.

“The new technology is a game changer and will make the city more competitive in the world’s fastest growing technology sector.”

This is a historic opportunity for Sheffield, a city that has historically struggled to attract talent and the right financial advisors.

“In addition to a lot of good news, the partnership will also create thousands of jobs for Sheffield’s young people.”

I know that it will be very challenging to get Sheffield to the same place it is now, but I’m confident that our commitment to the city and our investment in the city’s future will make us stronger for years to come.

“The SFA will invest up for three years in the Sheffield city centre, including the SGA’s offices in South Sheffield and the University of Sheffield.

It will also invest in a number of businesses in the area, including a new food-service cafe, an outdoor sports centre and a new shopping mall.”

Our investment will help create a thriving local economy, with significant local job creation and significant economic opportunities,” Professor Wilson said.”

While our financial advisors are well known in the region for their experience, their commitment to Sheffield’s economic growth will be recognised across the industry.

“The deal has been announced in a joint press conference in the City Hall, with the Sheffield Finance Authority (SGA) Chairman, Councillor Michael Waddell, and Council President, Councilor David Walker, announcing the deal.”

What’s at stake is a huge opportunity for the city of Sheffield,” said Councillors Walker and Waddells.”

By investing in this project, we will create a more vibrant and more connected Sheffield, helping to lift our local economy.

“And by providing local support to Sheffield as it seeks to grow and thrive, this will create more opportunities for all our residents and businesses.”

A total of 30,000 jobs are expected to be created through the investment.

“It’s a great example of how we can work together to get the city to where it needs to be and that is to become a globally competitive place for businesses to come and invest,” said Mayor of Sheffield, Simon Hughes.

“With this deal, we are helping Sheffield get to where we need it to be to ensure it can grow, attract and employ the best talent.”

Working with the SFO is a great way for us to get to that goal.

“The project will include the creation of a new Sheffield City Centre and a number other projects including the new SGA offices in the South Sheffield area and the South University of Technology campus in South Yorkshire.

It is expected that the investment will see an estimated 500 jobs created.

More to come.

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