How to get a tax return on your life’s work?

The average Australian worker is expected to make $48,000 a year, but the reality is much less, the latest figures from the Tax Office show.

The TASER report shows the average income of Australians has dropped to $46,919 a year from $52,904.

A single parent with two children would make $2,764 a year if the cost of childcare was added to the $4,400 they would have to pay to the Government, it says.

It also found the median household income is now $45,000, down from $50,000 in 2015.

“There are significant benefits to working and the people who do it,” Mr Andrews said.

In recent years, the Government has raised tax on people earning more than $75,000.

However, the TASERS report found the number of Australians earning more was also declining.

According to the TAC, there were 1.8 million Australians aged 25 to 64 in the labour force in 2016, down 3.4 per cent from the year before.

Its also predicted the number will fall to 1.9 million by 2023, but this figure does not include people who have already retired.

While there are signs the unemployment rate has been falling, it is not enough to offset the losses to workers, the report says.

“A more ambitious measure is to make the rate on wages and salaries equal to the rate of inflation,” it says, adding that “this would make all workers fully eligible for Government support”.

Tasmania’s unemployment rate is forecast to fall to 6.9 per cent by 2021, while the national average is forecast at 5.4.

Mr Andrews said he believed the Government was doing all it could to keep the workforce healthy.

But there were some signs that some employers were turning away from working from home.

TASER has found more than 50 per cent of workers who are employed at an online job platform are employed full time, but it is estimated only 2 per cent are part time.

Employers that have more than 10 workers at any one time are exempt from the income tax threshold.

Despite the falling rate of unemployment, the Federal Government’s income tax plan is expected have a big impact on the economy, with more than half of workers expected to pay income tax in 2021.

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