Egypt’s $50bn debt crisis will take years to solve

Egypt’s financial crisis will have a long way to go to solve.

This is because of the way the country’s central bank manages its currency.

The Egyptian pound is used by many businesses and individuals around the world to buy things and send money around the country.

But the currency has a reputation for being unstable and volatile, as it is linked to a central bank that is not in a strong position to control it.

As a result, many companies and businesses are now unable to buy and sell goods and services in the currency.

In the case of food imports, this has made the country a food basket country.

Now the Egyptian government wants to find a way to ease the burden of its debt crisis.

On Wednesday, it announced that it has agreed to make a $50 billion loan to the country in the form of a bond.

The deal is part of an economic plan to deal with the country the country has inherited from the 2011 revolution.

However, it is unclear how the loan will be repaid and whether it will be used to buy up debt or instead pay off creditors, who are already owed more than $70bn.

The announcement has triggered a huge uproar among businesses and citizens.

Many believe that the government has decided to bail out the economy and is trying to bail itself out.

In some cases, the deal is being hailed as a victory for the Egyptian people, as they have taken over control of the economy, which has been in crisis for years.

This means that the economy is in good shape and will continue to grow, said Khaled Al-Shaarawi, a political analyst with Al Jazeera.

“They are trying to help the economy grow, but they are in a precarious position.

The economy is very vulnerable,” he said.

“The debt has been accumulated by the past five years, but it’s a very high debt, and it will take decades to get rid of it.”

The deal announced by the Egyptian central bank on Wednesday has been hailed by some as a sign that the country is finally ready to accept debt repayments.

“This is the moment when Egypt finally finally realised that it is no longer the only one of the Middle East to suffer from its economic crisis,” said Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The $50-billion bond was signed on Wednesday by Egypt’s Finance Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Zahra, a close ally of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The central bank has already made some of the largest payments to foreign creditors in recent years, including $10 billion in August, and the amount it has pledged is just a fraction of the total amount of debt.

The debt is believed to have reached $100bn at the end of September, and its value has risen significantly since then.

According to a report by Reuters, Egypt is expected to have $130bn in unpaid debt at the time of the deal.

In addition, the government is expected pay back $25bn to foreign investors, and to make $12bn in interest payments.

The country has also said that it will spend $25 billion on infrastructure projects and to rebuild infrastructure.

“We have to make investments in infrastructure and to help create jobs,” President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sissi said at the signing ceremony.

“It’s a big challenge for us, because it takes us many years to build a country.

We can’t just wait.”

According to the International Monetary Fund, Egypt’s debt has already exceeded $130 billion.

The IMF says Egypt has to borrow $50.4bn more to reach the IMF’s target of $100 billion in debt repayment.

It expects the country to reach its debt repayment goal in 2019.

The US also supports Egypt’s efforts to make amends with its creditors, with the US State Department recently announcing that it would provide $2.4 billion in loan guarantees to the Egyptian economy, Reuters reported.

But there is a huge gap between what the IMF is providing and what the Egyptian authorities are doing.

According a recent report by the International Financial Corporation (IFC), the country had a total outstanding debt of $1.9 trillion at the start of the year.

This was a drop of 14.5% from the previous year.

However in 2018, Egypt was projected to have a total debt of at least $2 trillion, according to a Reuters analysis.

In 2019, the IMF projects that the debt will be at least as much as the country owes itself.

The IFC estimates that the average debt owed by Egypt is now more than 30 times that of the United States, according the World Bank.

The economic crisis has hit Egypt hard, especially with the impact of the international sanctions imposed after the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

The government has been hit by several crises over the years, and this year has been particularly severe.

In March 2018, Egyptian forces attacked the country during a protest over the government’s decision to scrap

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